Iowa. The land of glorious junk. 

I have been waiting for this day. It is the day of Junk Jubilee 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa. With coffee in hand and my favorite Patagonia hoodie on (it’s raining, too), I drag my husband and a friend to the annual antique and vintage-loving junk party.

After a short, rainy wait to get inside, I step in to a mesmerizing collection of “junk.” My soul glided through the aisles. Entranced with not only the artistry of others but also, their ability to make old things new (cool) again. I made a few purchases with my only sadness of the day being that my debit card had a limit.
I have been trying a new thing lately. I like to call it: don’t always be in a hurry and smile more. I decided that I would give it a whirl while spending the day entrenched in people, at the Junk Jubilee.

Several lessons came from this enlightening experience. First, I met a shop owner that lived a couple of streets from my home. I ended up purchasing a few of her items; however, she only accepted cash or checks. Unfortunately, in this modern world, I carry neither. She then preceded to say, “oh, just mail me a check this week.” Um, hold on, while I pick my dropped jaw off the floor. In this moment, I am reminded that people that believe in the good of others, still exist. I am thankful that this individual is able to forge through life, only believing in the best of others. I know, these are assumptions. But, come on, I took these purchases with the intent that I would mail her a check. I really can’t see any other option but believing in the good of others.

Second lesson, I learned is that I love being surrounded by beauty. I feel inspired by it. Joy pumps my blood when beauty is involved. Beauty is diverse in its delivery. Yes, I was inspired by the beauty of “things,” today. However, what stood out, during my pensive glance at the crowd, was how one object can mean so much to many, for a variety of reasons. The quest for objects, is a mirage for the desire we have to fill our homes, and even lives, with beauty, joy, and purpose.

Buy some junk. Create beauty. Inspire others. Go out and explore your city. Come to Des Moines. We would love to have you.

Not every experience will bring about life-altering changes, however, a few positive alterations can change your experience of life.

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