Every day it is the same battle.
A loveless game won by frustration.

You enter the room.
Blood pours into the chambers of my heart
at a fierce rate,
building pressure within.

The fire abruptly begins.
Flames burn
with every aching word
spewing from my mouth.

I am continuously undone
with you.



A Memorial Day Reflection

Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen and those that still struggle with their experience with war.

Statue of Liberty

Memorial Day  is rapidly approaching. As many formulate barbeque lists and parties, in preparation; I emplore all to pause to contemplate the impact of this particular day.  An intentional day set aside to remember many that have sacrificed (still are) for a nation. A nation designed to implement ideas of freedom and assimilate many diverse thoughts, creeds, backgrounds, and/or ethnicities.

While Memorial Day was set aside to honor the fallen throughout our nation’s wars and conflicts (emerged as Decoration Day, following the Civil War); there are those within our communities that continue to struggle with the impact of losing friends, family members, fellow servicemen/women, and the loss of normalcy that often accompany many of our service people  after returning from said conflicts/wars.

This Memorial Day, I am honoring not only the fallen but the those that still experience the loss from these grievous moments of history. Specifically, I think of friends and family members that courageously served their commitment to serve the United States of America.  This Memorial Day should be a day of reflection for those called to place country before themselves.

9/11 Memorial

Personally, I think of my cousins selfless desire to serve country, during the early years of Operation Enduring Freedom. I think of my close friend that served during the Vietnam Conflict and the many others that I have known throughout my life. While these beloved individuals returned home; I ask that we remember those who did not return and those that still struggle. 

If you are a veteran (or friend or family member) experiencing a crisis; please call 1-800-273-8255. Do not fight this battle alone. 





We Are All Weeds

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” – A.A. Milne

Weeds are everywhere. These wild plants annoyingly arrive in Spring and nest in our yards, until they are removed.  Yet, maybe these unwanted plants are just waiting for the right individual to cherish their unique qualities. Maybe, we have judged them harshly by their obnoxious disposition. Perhaps, the weed is simply a representation of the inner struggle many feel to rid themselves of the unwanted or competing items (or people) surrounding them.

There have been many times in which I have judged others harshly. Mostly, from my own place of insecurity. Like the weed, I find myself competing for metaphorical ground space with others. Demanding attention from others, stealing the sunlight, etc; you get the picture.

I am trying to create a gentle space within my own thoughts to cultivate a positive perspective on people, experiences, and myself. Just like weeds, thoughts have the ability overrun the garden of the mind.