Every day it is the same battle.
A loveless game won by frustration.

You enter the room.
Blood pours into the chambers of my heart
at a fierce rate,
building pressure within.

The fire abruptly begins.
Flames burn
with every aching word
spewing from my mouth.

I am continuously undone
with you.



Ballad of Affliction and Vigor

The Ballad of Affliction and Vigor

The pain of tomorrow
will come, again
and again.

Can I run?
Can I escape?
Can I hide?
he whispers gently in my ear.

My anthem beats within my chest.
I will rise with the dawn
to great his devilish grin.

His temptations will continue to taunt me.

The song , I choose to sing
will be my


Clock of Life: It’s Ticking


Clock of Life: It’s Ticking

I continue to seek the innocence within my beating heart. I, fear my days are limited. Maturity has set in my bones.  Experiences have defined the blueprint within my face.  Time continues to steal my gleeful spirit.  Yet, the hope hidden within my heart pursues the Winsome of my youth.