Every day it is the same battle.
A loveless game won by frustration.

You enter the room.
Blood pours into the chambers of my heart
at a fierce rate,
building pressure within.

The fire abruptly begins.
Flames burn
with every aching word
spewing from my mouth.

I am continuously undone
with you.



An Ode to Badlands National Park


Sand, slit, clay dancing
within spires and pinnacles
a beauty hidden
until warmed by the sun.

Lush praires awakening
the sky and rock
with her eloquence
as she sustains her mammal guests

Time stands still
as I partake
in your illustrious land.



Ballad of Affliction and Vigor

The Ballad of Affliction and Vigor

The pain of tomorrow
will come, again
and again.

Can I run?
Can I escape?
Can I hide?
he whispers gently in my ear.

My anthem beats within my chest.
I will rise with the dawn
to great his devilish grin.

His temptations will continue to taunt me.

The song , I choose to sing
will be my