My Melioristic Sunday

There is a heaviness weighing in the world
an ancient theme of turmoil
My heart cries for the sadness of many
my soul craves hope, yet
the succoring is unclear
I return to the only place of wisdom that I know
my companions of the natural world,
the flowers sway in the prairie, calling
the bees, butterflies
to continue their path of spreading life throughout
all of time
the trees move with the gentle breeze; their leaves
waving to those that notice
birds flying from branch to branch
home to home
life and growth are all around
progress around a lifetime of dismantle
at the hand of humans
the natural world is calling us now
beckoning us to renew our life long
without them; there is no us
today, my hope is that you notice
the life within
and the continuous life moving around us
this is the essence of our awakening
a simple consideration of all.

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