Calendar: Tool or Cage

Recently, my office mate and I had a philosophical discussion, on goals and calendars. The new year inciting the stillness of hope, within our dreams. Deliberation of one’s life became the forefront of our conversation, for this short period of time. One of us, (myself) arguing that a calendar is modern-day cage dictating our every move. She retorts my cynicism, with a statement about the calendar being a gentle reminder to start over, move forward, and/or, simply, a guide to stay on track. Positivity temporarily slaughtered my cynicism. Life lessons always find a way to stir the heart of this pseudo-misanthrope.

Like most people, I have found numerous ways to achieve tasks with the help of a calendar. The point is not the calendar; this point is finding a way to not let a schedule bulldoze one’s life. Newfangled, I realized that as an adult, I have the freedom to dictate my thoughts, schedule, plans, and goals. I want to live in an authentic way that embraces my deepest sense of self. Yet, I haven’t found a way to concisely articulate my definition of my authentic self. Life’s journey is not about completing a series of tasks; however, it is about the acceptance of one’s self, on the journey.

Five ways to embrace YOU

  1. Collect your moments of beauty within a jar. Literally, write them down and put them in a jar. (Flow magazine gave me this idea) Reread these moments. Often!
  2. Seek exercises in mindfulness. Check out the Flow magazine for some inspiration, thoughts, and activities focused on mindfulness.
  3. Do what you love. Be the person you love. Spend time with those you love.
  4. Travel, dream, go on adventures, read, dance, try something new, slow down, take a nap… embrace the season you are living in.
  5. Each day is a new opportunity to be you! Do not let yesterday define today or tomorrow.

“Beauty being the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

Disclaimer: I am receiving no financial compensation from Flow magazine. You, as the reader never have to agree with the thoughts of the writer.

6 thoughts on “Calendar: Tool or Cage

  1. I love the idea of the memories in a jar. I tried dong that with my wife before, but we didn’t keep up with it. I don’t think that a calendar is a cage, but rather a tool to help organize one’s thoughts. I, personally, have a lot of goals I want to accomplish along with appointments and meetings I have to uphold. Using a planner/calendar has helped keep me on track.


  2. I love the idea of writing down moments and putting them down in a jar, that’s a great way to quickly save a memory.
    P.S. I love my planner, and would be a whole lot less productive without it, plus my blogging schedule just wouldn’t work at all!


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