My Quintessential Autumn

Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile – William Cullen Bryant

Fall is upon us. The Mid-West is the place to be, during Autumn. Leaves painted with hues of orange, yellow, and red. The constant, gentle hum from the percolating coffee fills the heart with joy. Pumpkins, crisp air, and apple themed desserts on every corner (a little embellishment, never hurt). Pinterest and Instagram lure me with their fall seducing pictures and themes. Like, every Autumn before, I plan and plot to enjoy all the merits of Fall. This particular season began with my annual trip to the local pumpkin patch.

The Pumpkin Ranch, in Winterset, Iowa, is an enjoyable visit for those seeking a genuine Autumn experience. There are many options for a Fall seeker in Central Iowa. The attraction for our family to The Pumpkin Ranch, in particular was its closeness to the Bridges of Madison County (yes, there is a movie). Side note: there are several winery options and one cidery in Winterset, Iowa.

Hogback Bridge: Bridges of Madison County, Iowa

My immediate family recently made the long, boring drive from Indiana to Iowa, for a visit. Their request was to visit a local pumpkin patch and corn maze. The Pumpkin Ranch fulfilled both requests. The corn maze (10 acres) was intense; there were a few moments of dredging through soft mud; however, with the expert navigation skills of my brother-in-law, we safely made it through. The Pumpkin Ranch offers a toddler-friendly playground, corn maze, obstacle course made out of bales, tunnel slides, pumpkin picking, food, and jump pillow.  The Pumpkin Ranch will provide all Autumn lovers with a genuine Fall experience.  For more ideas on ways/events to enrich your fall season, please visit:

Autumn is time to slow down. A season to sip mulled cider, wear a beautiful scarf, and enjoy a short season of fellowship with friends and family. Try something new this season or revitalize an old Fall pastime (sitting by a fire, reading a book, in a cozy chair). As the temperatures begin to decline, take this cue to slow down and enjoy these fleeting moments called life.


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog about my own experience. Please note that I am not affiliated with The Pumpkin Ranch or Catch Des Moines.

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