The Paper Lily that Never Grew


“A dried plant is nothing but a sign to plant a new one”
Priyansh Shah

Today is a “Paper Lily” type of a day. Not a blooming, full grown Paper Lily but a soggy roots, no buds, type of a day. The funk of a typical Tuesday has gotten me down. There is never enough coffee, sunlight, short work day, etc. Many have experienced similar days, like this.

About a month ago, my office mate received a Paper Lily birthday present, from another co-worker. Excited we placed this quant pot in front of the sun filled window and poured water over the little mound of dirt. Now, weeks have gone by and we realized that we have forgotten to water this plant again. With a little research, we learned that the Paper Lily does not like direct sunlight, as well. Crap. At that moment, I gently lifted the bulb out of the pot; revealing a soggy bulb. Crap, again. We created a desert-like exposure to sun, while drowning it roots in a flood.

Like this particular Paper Lily, I felt like my spirit is soggy. There is a lesson to be learned from this soggy bottomed Paper Lily. Life’s input, once again, found a way to manifest itself in this plant (or lack there of). The Paper Lily, symbolically, asked me to pause, to slow down. Not every day will be sunny and bright, the Paper Lily gently reminded. Balance can only develop when given the opportunity to pause. The Paper Lily and I took a moment to reflect on the importance of creating balance and harmony.

As my grouchy disposition subsided; and I realized that I was attempting to enter in a state of catharsis, with the Paper Lily;  I realized that not all experiences will mount to success. I will not always enjoy the process that comes with adapting an new attitude or approach with life. However, taking a moment to process the journey may help with the attitude adoption process.

Today, I will take a moment to dry out my roots and replant my vision, into a firm foundation.



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