We all want to be Joanna Gaines


“Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” -Mary Oliver

We all have thought it. Many have said it. Few achieve it. We all want to be Joanna Gaines; or at least, close to it. Joanna Gaines has developed her skill and passion, into a well oiled machine of design, for so many, of us. The bigger question here is, how do I inspire the Joanna Gaines, within myself?

I am by no means, an expert, on this subject. I am guessing that it starts with an interest. I, personally, have many interests. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail, write a book, own a coffee shop, grow plants, etc.  I recently bought a cactus (the cutesy one, in the photograph). It’s just a little one. Every night, I check out this stunning, little cactus to observe any changes. Every night, I gently touch the bright yellow flowers, at the top. My fingers drift down to the body of the cactus; and every single time, the spikes of said cactus, prick my skin. Now, I am sure you are wondering, how can I forget that I will receive a sharp poke from touching the middle region of this cactus? The answer is simple, I really haven’t applied my knowledge and experience, when touching the cactus. Of course, I know that cacti are usually sharp. Of course, I know that I will be poked, when I touch the sword-like ends. The cactus is metaphor, for my life. I realized tonight, that it is easier to remain stuck in a routine (even a painful one).  My little, sweet cactus (I am in a major cactus phase, right now) reminded me that I needed several pokes to change my course. Even though I want to be Joanna Gaines, at times; I need to take this opportunity to try something new. I will never become my dreams without taking a step closer to them.

What are some ways that you find inspiration?


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