The Very Short Story of the Adventure-Seeking, Coffee -drinking, Illusionist of Iowa. 

I sit for minutes staring into my coffee. Dark and stormy, fill the contents of my cup. I am beginning to lose hope again. This is not the life, I had pictured living. Tiredly, I sip the remaining coffee; I look up. The choice has been mine, all along. Starting today, nevermore, will I allow the coffin of my self-created strife, ensnare me in its trap. Today, I seek truth, adventure, wilderness within the soul, and hope.

Like many, I started blogging to jazz up my life. I feel like a phony. a real life illusionist; covering up my fake exterior, with unending smiles and seemingly candid laughter. I am, even, now making my plight sound more dramatic, than necessary, to make a point. The point is that I have no clue what I am actually trying to accomplish with this whole blogging thing. I am looking for adventure. Real life changing, scary shit type of adventure. I really do not even know how to begin. I will start with the only way, I know how; I will hit the brew button, on my best friend; the coffee pot.

My journey begins with coffee. Its interesting to think how many people had an impact on this enlightened experience unfolding in my single (12 cups, actually) coffee cup. All types of people working to deliver a product, that continuously gives us the strength to participate. take a minute….let that sink in. The coffee bean farmer, the roaster, the transporter, the packager, the store staff, etc… You get the point, I hope. This single cup of coffee was not possible, without others. I am slowly realizing that I must wake up, and smell the coffee; metaphorically, I mean.

I need people. I need them to assist with the molding process, of my stagnant heart. I want adventure. Adventure begins by trying new things. I will begin with this blog. I will share the nakedness of my journey, with you; the reader. Today, I commit to myself (and you, reader) to embark on the path of great adaption of the mind and soul.

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